10 Industries that are Using Artificial Intelligence

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Can you imagine a world in which robots walk among us and help us in various jobs? Sounds like a sci-fi world, doesn’t it? Except that this world already exists and it’s ours. More and more companies are embracing artificial intelligence and are using robots and smart machines. In fact, most of the time, you may not even be able to distinguish if it was a human being or a robot that provided a service to you as a costumer.

Here are 10 industries that are already using AI and have shown that we can work together with machines:

1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing was one of the first industries that welcomed AI with open arms. Almost every manufacturing process from assembly to packaging to shipment is or can be performed by machines. But it’s not going to stop there. At the moment, humans are still needed to help build more complicated things like cars or homes, but in the future, as we can more advanced robots, they may take over these tasks as well.

2. Transportation

Already, companies like Google, Tesla and Uber are developing self-driving cars.  But that’s only the beginning it seems. Soon, we may be able to see the same technology applied to public and delivery transportation. The potential behind this is enormous, and would include less fuel consumption, fewer road accidents and a decrease in traffic congestion. And, of course, less angry drivers.

3. Healthcare

The faster your doctor can diagnose your disease and offer you proper treatment for it, the better chance of recovery you have. Unfortunately, as doctors are “only” humans, they themselves are sometimes unable to diagnose a disease fast enough. But AI can do it much faster. For example, IBM Watson was able to diagnose a rare form of leukemia on a patient after only minutes. His doctors weren’t able to do this for months.

But this isn’t the only application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. AI can also be used to prescribe treatment, perform surgeries and there are robots already which can be used to help patients in wheelchair walk again.

4. Journalism

As a writer, I can’t say I’m very happy with the possibility of robots creating content. But that is already happening in some industries like eCommerce and real estate. So don’t jump out of your seat, but a lot of what you read on the Internet is actually written by machines. At least simpler content, as in-depth articles still need a human writer to prepare, draft, write, proofread and edit.

5. Customer Service

Let’s say that you have a problem with your computer. You call customer service; explain your problem and the nice lady on the other side helps you solve it in a few minutes. Except that the nice lady was actually a bot. Today, automated customer service is widely used and AI is able to provide quick and easy answers to customers, thanks to machine learning and natural language processing. This way everyone wins – customers get their problems solved and companies save money on customer service. All thanks to advancement in this area provided by companies like DigitalGenius.

6. Home and Service Robots

Okay, now we’re really getting into that sci-fi area. If you imagine a home of the future, what would it look like? Would it include a robot serving you drinks? That’s already nearer than you can imagine. Companies such as SoftBank Robotics and Blue Frog Robotics have already introduced their cute companion robots, Pepper and BUDDY, using funding from Indiegogo. Then, there is also Aido, an interactive social home robot. So, I guess you can happily forget about all those chores around house you don’t like doing.

7. Home Appliances

How many times have you gone to bed, only to realize that you have to get up again to switch off the lights? Or went outside not completely sure if you turned off the microwave? Fortunately, for all of us who keep forgetting that kind of stuff, Internet of Things (IoT) is a true savior. And it too uses artificial intelligence. Thanks to AI, ordinary home appliances can learn your usage behaviour and start behaving themselves in this way. So, next time you go outside, everything will shut itself down and then turn itself back on when you come back.

8. Banking

Using AI, your bank can do a lot better job at providing customer support, suggest a scheme that would work for you or protect you from suspicious activity on your account. At the same time, AI is also finding its way quickly into the financial sector, where it is able to analyze and predict market data and stock trends then humans can.

9. Public Safety

The United States Department of Homeland Security has been building its drone fleet since 2013. Armed with cameras, these drones can be used for surveillance, which could be especially useful for public safety and security. This could potentially mean less risk of terrorist attacks in public places.

However, there is a downside to drones monitoring our every step, as according to scientists at Stanford, this:

“Raises the specter of innocent people being unjustifiably monitored, and care must be taken to avoid systematizing human bias and to protect civil liberties. Well-deployed AI prediction tools have the potential to provide new kinds of transparency about data and inferences, and may be applied to detect, remove, or reduce human bias, rather than reinforcing it.”

10. Entertainment

How does YouTube know what videos to recommend? Artificial intelligence. If you’re listening to, say country music, YouTube will make sure that you are shown videos related to that sort of music and not, for example, rap. Similarly, if you watched a certain movie, the software might recommend something along that genre for you to watch next.

Furthermore, AI has also found its way into the gaming industry as well. Just think about that enemy that keeps ducking in cover as you shoot him with your character. That’s because it has a “good AI”. Of course, anyone playing games can tell you that, often AI can be a bit “iffy”. But at least, we are still entertained.

So there you go. These 10 industries have embraced AI with open arms and are showing us that we don’t have to fear that robots might take over our jobs. The truth is AI can actually make our lives much easier.

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