Apartment Ocean Chatbot, the First Real Estate Chatbot Is Available

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Real estate is a demanding industry. It seems like for every home or apartment you fill, three more empty ones pop up. You want to keep your customers happy, but it can be hard to be available 24/7.

That is the problem that the real estate industry has been faced with, and Apartment Ocean set out to solve it with Apartment Ocean Chatbot. Apartment Ocean Chatbot is the first real estate chatbot, and it has the power to revolutionize the industry. If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day or you can’t provide the best service to your clients, this is the solution.

How It Works

Apartment Ocean Chatbot uses artificial intelligence to interact with potential renters. Artificial intelligence mimics human behavior, and just like people, it learns as it goes. That means that Apartment Ocean Chatbot gets to know people as it interacts with them. This helps the chatbot build profiles for various customers. As the real estate chatbot builds profiles, it is able to match renters to the right property.

Apartment Ocean understands the importance of the human component, as well. Instead of putting everything in the chatbot’s virtual hands, it gives real estate companies the option of having the chatbot send the leads to them. Then, they can pick up the phone and communicate with the already warm leads.

That means that real estate agencies benefit from artificial intelligence without losing the personal touch.

How to Use Apartment Ocean Chatbot

When you think of chatbots, you likely think of the third-party applications that run them. For instance, many people use chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Slack. Those applications support Apartment Ocean’s chatbot, but you can also put it directly on your site. The staff at Apartment Ocean used their own technology and programming experience to create a standalone chatbot that can be deployed directly on any site. That means you don’t have to send your customers to a third-party application to utilize the chatbot. You can keep them right on your site, where you want them. You also don’t have to worry about losing them if they don’t want to download a third-party application.

Once the real estate chatbot is on your site, you can enjoy numerous benefits. Check out some of the top benefits you’ll get with Apartment Ocean Chatbot.

Improved Customer Service without the Work

If you’re going to have a successful real estate business, you need a good customer service solution in place. Unfortunately, many real estate companies stretch their agents thin in order to get the type of customer service their customers expect.

Agents are left answering basic questions all day, every day. In addition, they have to take basic information from all of their clients. This is very time consuming and makes it difficult for agents to show properties and finalize deals.

Apartment Ocean Chatbot takes the pressure off agents by providing virtual customer service. Since the real estate chatbot utilizes artificial intelligence, it is able to ask questions and provide answers. It also builds customer profiles for agents. This frees up agents to work on other tasks.

There is a hidden benefit to this, as well. People are able to access customer service 24/7 with a chatbot. Technology has created the expectation of instant gratification. Companies that can provide that gratification by answering questions and showing properties all day and all night win more clients.

Push Qualified Leads to Your Computer

Apartment Ocean Chatbot qualifies leads for you. When you finally receive them, you know exactly what they want, and it’s up to you to finalize the deal. That means the majority of your resources will go to closing the deal. This will help you make much more money in the real estate industry. You won’t have to qualify leads. You will just have to fill properties with a list of qualified leads.

Better Options for Your Clients

A real estate chatbot doesn’t just help you as an agent. It also helps your clients find the best properties. You know a lot about the area you serve, but you can only take in so much information. The chatbot is programmed with vital information about the surrounding area so it can easily find properties that will please your clients.

For instance, if a client wants to stop for coffee in the morning, the real estate chatbot can find properties near coffee shops. Then, it will send the options to you and you can close the deal, knowing that you have countless properties that will please the client.

Apartment Ocean Chatbot is going to change the real estate industry for the better. This real estate chatbot will make things easier for agents and their clients. If you want to become a leader instead of a follower, get Apartment Ocean Chatbot. You will transform your business and increase your revenue.

Add Apartment Ocean Chatbot to your own website today!

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