Apartment Ocean’s Chatbot Just Got More Powerful – Hello, SMS!

Agents from Los Angeles to New York have been streamlining their business with artificial intelligence technology, allowing site visitors to interact with their chatbot widgets and creating valuable sales leads in the process. While this technology has been undeniably beneficial for agents and clients alike, now there is a handy new feature that allows agents even more freedom.

In the past, most chatbot services have relied heavily on existing instant messenger platforms such as Facebook messenger or Google chat. Apartment Ocean has taken that a step further, using their own proprietary software that allows clients to interact with a chatbot on the agent’s website, independent of a third-party messaging service. This has allowed agents to pick and choose who they speak with at their leisure, giving them the power to avoid obvious time-wasters and instead focus on qualified and serious clients who are more likely to land the agent a nice big commission check.

This fantastic technology just got sweeter- agents are now able to interact with their clients using the chatbot via text. Not only do agents get notified when their Chatbot gathers a new client’s info, they can take over the chat and begin interacting with the site visitor via text. This gives the agents the ultimate freedom as they are no longer tied to their desk just because they have a prospective client they are speaking with. Not only can the agents talk to their site visitors from anywhere that has cell reception, this added feature of Apartment Ocean’s Chatbot technology makes it easier for the agent to take on a larger volume of clients.

Wanna try SMS chatbot? Send a message to “+1 646-368-8492”

An agent can be in the middle of a showing, a signing, a call with the escrow company, or in any other scenario and still maintain contact with their potential clients. What does this mean for the agent? Less potential clients ‘get away’ and slip through the cracks. Let’s look at how this can play out.

While you are busy signing a listing agreement for a new seller, you get a notification that John Smith is on your site and is interested in buying a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house in your area. Without having to step away from your new listing client, you can discreetly text with John Smith and let him know that you have just the right property for him and his family and that you’ll be happy to show it to him that afternoon.

Using SMS/text is quick and easy, and is so common in everyday situations that the new listing client that you’re signing will have no idea that you are simultaneously working with a new buyer that just visited your website. On the other side of the coin, your site visitor will be infinitely impressed that not only were they greeted and serviced by a friendly Chatbot, but their agent showed them a lightning-fast response time, something buyers yearn for in today’s competitive market.

If you aren’t already using Apartment Ocean’s Chatbot, you are getting left in the dust by your competitors. This new addition of SMS/text capabilities just makes their technology that much stronger. If you have goals of earning more business, using the chatbot developed by Apartment Ocean will surely help you achieve those goals.

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