Blue Hills: The Family Friendly Neighborhood in Hartford, CT

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Located within the southern state of the New England area, Connecticut offers the beauty of New England with the benefits of being close to several urban centers, such as New York. Within Hartford, there is a family friendly neighborhood known as Blue Hills.

This residential area provides a suburban flair, with a main shopping district providing groceries, home repair and hardware, as well as other retail options. There are also several local and chain restaurants available for residents. The close proximity of other urban centers also allows for plenty of entertainment choices, while still keeping a quiet and easy going community.

But what really drives families to this quaint neighborhood is the variety of educational opportunities. Not only is it home to a large network of public and private school options for children from kindergarten through high school, but can also provide a university education option as well. For example, the Watkinson School offers a private school option for area families. The school provides a specific Creative Arts program to foster young artists. In 2007, the school created a Global Outreach program to assist students in better understanding the world at large in relation to the United States.

Blue Hills

Blue Hills

The University of Hartford is also found within the Blue Hills area. Therefore, a young student could remain at home while working toward a degree. The campus draws students from over 40 different countries, providing a diverse learning environment. The university also includes some of the highest accreditations available, with over 6,000 full-time, part-time and graduate students. Many students make their off-campus home within the Blue Hills area.

The residential makeup of the district is extremely diverse. Still it is also one of the highest concentrations of Jamaican-Americans anywhere within the country. As a result, there is a distinctive flair to the neighborhood reflecting the various cultural background within the region. Middle class families have flocked to this neighborhood and make up roughly 30% of the households.

As part of the tristate area, Hartford enjoys a commuter aspect for those who wish to enjoy the employment opportunities of the urban centers, while still having a backyard. Surrounded by several different interstates and bus routes, one can easily reach Hartford proper. Additionally, the area is also in the process of having a commuter train line added to the transportation options available to residents.

Blue Hills is also home to one of the largest Protestant churches in New England

The First Cathedral is the 15th oldest black Protestant church in Hartford. Founded in 1968, the church has expanded throughout the intervening years to include plans for a Family Center. Their various community outreaches have turned into annual events, including a Christmas event.

While there are not the same options for entertainment and nightlife, this neighborhood offers a welcoming home for families raising children and those enjoy the quieter suburban lifestyle with access to the benefits of urban living.

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