How Using a Chatbot Can Increase Your Real Estate Commissions

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In today’s fast-paced world of real estate, timing is absolutely essential. If a potential client tries to contact you, and doesn’t get a response, your chances of gaining that client decrease substantially. Even worse, if you don’t contact them quickly, another agent surely will, effectively destroying any chances you had of working with that client and earning commissions. With your busy schedule, it can be extremely difficult to be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Nonetheless, today’s real estate buyers and sellers want instant feedback. Unless you are willing to take calls and answer emails through the wee hours of the morning, being there for every prospect every time is simply not realistic.

Enter the Chatbot:  Short for “Chatterbot”, this artificial intelligence technology can answer basic questions for potential clients without you having to move a muscle. Gone are the days of answering countless phone calls and emails, only to find out that your prospect isn’t going to be a good client for one reason or another. By asking a series of qualifying questions, a good Chatbot can eliminate a significant portion of time and effort it takes to qualify and impress a new client. Even more impressive, your Chatbot can handle tasks like showing your new client properties that they might be interested in, or schedule an in-person meeting with you. Across the board, using a Chatbot makes your business run more efficiently, allowing you to produce more and make more in commissions.

Spend time only with qualified leads


Why is using a Chatbot instrumental in increasing your take-home pay?  For starters, this technology removes a bottleneck (you) from the beginning stages of the sales cycle. Instead of going through the same boring qualifying questions with every single client, you can have your Chatbot gather all of that information for you to review when convenient. This frees up valuable time for you to spend with existing clients, marketing, and closing deals. Not only will you save time and improve your image, you are actually increasing the chances that your new client will end up closing a deal with you. If you put this newfound free time to good use, you will find yourself getting in touch with more clients in general. This is a good thing because after all, in real estate, the more clients you have, the larger your check will be.

When your new prospects go through a brief qualifying process with your Chatbot, you gain access to a wealth of information.  Knowing their needs and wants up front makes approaching a new buyer a far more successful endeavor, because you are a couple steps ahead of them already. For clients looking to sell their home, knowing their expectations from the very beginning gives you an immediate advantage over other potential listing agents. Instead of calling or emailing every single person who is interested in your services, you will be able to pick and choose how you would like to spend your time, and who you approach. If you see a new lead for a listing, but the owner is trying to get double the going market rate for their property, you can move that lead to the back and spend time on a client who is more likely to actually close a deal. Essentially, using a Chatbot allows you to ‘cherry-pick’ through your leads, only spending time with the ones most likely to do business with you.

Increase your client base and earn bigger commissions

Not only can using a Chatbot significantly increase your client base by smartly fielding incoming leads, you can save a small fortune by not having to pay an assistant to do all this work for you. Of course, your human assistant will would likely have a more bubbly personality, but that isn’t always the case. It’s only a matter of time before your assistant calls in sick, or is dealing with personal issues that might affect his or her attitude while in the workplace. This will never happen with a Chatbot, as technology doesn’t take sick days or have occasional attitude problems. Your Chatbot can be relied upon to maintain a sense of professionalism, while being thorough enough to gather all of the information that you and your client will need. In short, a Chatbot doesn’t have a ‘bad day’, doesn’t get into bad moods, or lose its temper. Not only are you paying much less to use a Chatbot, you can know for certain that it is asking all the right questions, every single time.

By saving both time and money, correctly utilizing Chatbot technology can increase your commissions substantially. You can use that extra time and money to launch a new marketing campaign, or to provide better customer service to your existing clients. Using a Chatbot also makes your job more bearable, as you will find yourself spending less time with people who aren’t serious or qualified. When you spend more time closing deals and less time qualifying prospects, you simultaneously increase your commissions, decrease your expenses, and overall enjoy your job more.

Technology is constantly improving

As artificial intelligence technology is constantly being improved upon, Chatbots are sure to get more and more efficient. However, many of the solutions available today are extremely powerful, and when used correctly can increase your earnings greatly. It might take a little getting used to, but eventually you will find that working with a Chatbot is very enjoyable. It does a lot of the unpleasant up-front work for you and allows you to provide your clients with unparalleled customer service. When clients get exceptional service, they tend to give you referrals, which in turn will increase your overall earnings.

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