Downtown Pensacola: The Hub of Air and Oil in Florida’s Gulf Coast

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For those who live close to the Gulf in this beautiful Florida city, there is not only pride in their contribution to the country’s energy reserves, but also a deep connection with the U.S. Navy. Pensacola is home to the first naval base within the U.S. The Blue Angels, a group of fighter pilots who demonstrate at various air shows, have their headquarters here.

The ties with the military do not end there, but also are historical military ties. The National Naval Aviation Museum is also housed here, offering the public a chance to learn more about the Navy and its fighter pilots throughout the ages.



Downtown Pensacola has the distinction of having been ruled by 5 different countries throughout its history

These countries are Spain, France, the U.S., Great Britain and the Confederate States of America. Thus, the area has a diverse cultural background. Many of the streets reflect multiple names, honoring the important events and people that have influenced the district. The Vietnam Veteran’s Wall South, as well as other historical military monuments.

The area does not have a prominent skyline, as most of the buildings were built low to blend in with the overall landscape of the area. Surrounded by beaches and the water, one can easily step away from their busy life to appreciate the calm of the Gulf. Swimming, jet skis, boating and other water activities are available to residents and visitors alike. Fishing, especially deep sea fishing, is also a great activity for those outdoor individuals who want to try a new adventure.

For those who are visiting the area, Pensacola offers multiple festivals dedicated to the arts, while providing plenty of local cultural opportunities. The Pensacola Seafood Festival and the Pensacola Crawfish Festival are both held in the historical section of downtown, highlighting the food of the region and plenty of live musical acts. The Great Gulf Coast Art Festival is held in Seville Square, giving over 200 regional and international artists a platform to display their latest works. The Children’s Art Festival is held in the same park, and is used to showcase local children’s artistic endeavors.



Among all this artistic culture, there are also plenty of historical elements. Downtown alone has 18 different walking tours that allow residents and visitors to explore the historical elements of this city that has been around since the 16th century.

For those looking for social opportunities, the Palafox Place offers several options. There is also a theater district, opportunities for both music and operas, as well as the local choirs. The University of West Florida also contributes to the local art scene, with musicals, plays and other options.

Residents of this area have both outdoor activities as well as indoor ones available. Pensacola sits in a tropical environment and many parts of Florida have been set aside for wildlife preserves. Therefore nature lovers and urban dwellers can both enjoy this beautiful neighborhood by the Gulf!

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