Fenway Kenmore: Boston Educational Highway

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While Boston’s historical significance cannot be denied, the neighborhoods within the city also can lay claim to their own unique slices of history. One such example is the charming Fenway Kenmore. Originally envisioned as a neighborhood appealing to the wealthy and upper class, the district instead became a magnet for educational institutions. By 1908, nine colleges and universities made their home on the Fenway Boston. Altogether, 22 institutions were part of that growth of education, which still influences the area today.

Universities in Fenway Kenmore

Some of the educational institutions to be found in Fenway-Kenmore include Northeastern University, divisions of the Boston University and portions of the Harvard Medical School. Thus, residents can enjoy the arts and other events of a college town just minutes from home. Public transportation is also wrapped up with this district, providing residents alternatives to owning and maintaining a vehicle.

Historically, Fenway Kenmore was meant to be an upper crust enclave, but due to its large student population and young professionals, the neighborhood has a middle class flavor. Small shops that dot the area also define the district, providing exclusive options not found in other parts of the U.S.

Living in Fenway Kenmore

Due to that historical desire to create a more exclusive neighborhood, officials appointed to the Park Board would have to approve frontages for residential buildings, thus providing a unique but uniform look to Fenway Kenmore. This tight control has put limits on various developments, but also protected the charm of the district. Thus, the neighborhood keeps a cozy atmosphere, with residences, small shops and locally owned businesses scattered throughout the community. One large shopping district is located in the commercial area known as Kenmore Square. Most of the residential units in this part of the neighborhood have been purchased by Boston University to create on-campus housing for students. As a result, this shopping district reflects its youthful residents.

There is plenty of large commercial developments as well, showcasing Boston’s love of sports and the arts. Fenway Park is located here, home of the Boston Red Sox, and a must see for baseball fans throughout the world. For the more artistically inclined, enjoy a tour through the Art Institute of Boston or the Museum of Fine Arts. Enjoy the musical offerings of the Boston Symphony. The Boston Conservatory allows residents to explore their fascination with the stars while not departing the city limits.

For those looking for other entertainment options, Fenway Kenmore provides plenty of possibilities in both bars and restaurants. Explore the various beers brewed in Boston or indulge your inner foodie. After a delicious meal, a resident can walk through the Back Bay Fens. This beautiful park was originally designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead and is the district’s premier green space. Walks throughout the district provide residents the chance to observe the large public collection of outdoor art, including the World War II Memorial and the Reclining Figure sculpture.

This neighborhood is a charming slice of Boston that has a nature appeal for young families, single professionals and students. By providing local shopping, entertainment and transportation for easy commutes, Fenway-Kenmore offers its residents a variety of options to cater to any lifestyle.

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