Five Industries That Are Being Affected by AI Technology

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There are currently more than 11,000 chatbots available on Facebook Messenger, and that number will likely grow in the coming years. While all industries enjoy some benefits from chatbots, some are impacted more than others. These industries will undergo huge transformations due to AI technology.

1. Healthcare


Americans had over 125 million hospital visits in 2011. It’s no wonder people in the medical industry feel overburdened. They work long hours and often for little reward.

Chatbots have the ability to change the way that people in the industry work. With the help of these bots; doctors, nurses, and support staff can get a much-needed break. That’s because the bots have the power to take on some duties. These duties will free up workers and even keep people out of the hospital.

First, chatbots have the ability to take symptoms and provide a diagnosis. Great example is Your.MD, a bot can ask the patient various questions in order to determine the problem. Along with questions related to the symptoms, the bot can ask about various risk factors, such as age, location, gender, and family history. Then, it can use its database to find a potential diagnosis. It can even determine the probability that the person suffers from that condition. If there is a moderate to high probability, it can pull data to provide suggestions for dealing with the condition. In many cases, the person will be able to handle the issue at home, freeing up the medical community’s time and resources. The bot can even be programmed to follow up with the person later to check on the symptoms.

That is just one example of how AI can work in the medical industry. You can also use AI technology to help the intake department. It can simply gather the symptoms and pass them along to the next person in line.

In addition, AI technology can schedule appointments. Many hospitals and clinics have a hard time scheduling appointments because they are so busy at the front desk. This will free up their phone lines and allow the front desk personnel to deal with people in person.

2. Finance (Financial Advisors)

Financial advisor

Financial advisors are often buried in numbers, so it can be difficult for them to pull themselves away to take orders from clients. Because of that, financial advisors can benefit from chatbots that take the orders for them. Financial advisors may not want to use the chatbots to give out financial advice, but they can get them to take orders and pass them along.

They can also use bots that are programmed with basic information. For instance, the bots can explain different financial services and provide financial outlooks.

3. Legal Services

legal services

Law firms that embrace chatbot technology can expect some huge benefits. First, of course, chatbots can take information from clients and make appointments with lawyers. That is just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Just ask Joshua Browder, who created the DoNotPay chatbot. This bot has already help contest 160,000 parking tickets for users.

It begins the process by asking a series of questions. It determines if an appeal is possible, and then it helps people wage their appeals.

Law firms can adopt a similar technology but use it to aid their lawyers. They certainly don’t want to give away free legal advice, but they can pre-qualify potential clients using the chatbot. If someone actually has a case, that person can be passed onto the appropriate lawyer.

4. Real Estate

real estate

The real estate industry can benefit a great deal from chatbots. All you need to do is look at the Apartment Ocean chatbot to understand all of the possibilities that come with bots.

Apartment Ocean helps people find rental properties. It starts the process by asking potential renters what they would like out of a property. Then, the bot sends them available rentals and arranges tours. By the time the potential renter meets with an actual agent, he or she has already found the perfect property.

This allows real estate companies to provide customer service 24 hours a day, and it makes it much easier for the companies to qualify leads. It even makes it easier when it comes to matching people up with the perfect property. Bots can be loaded with an abundance of information. That allows them to find properties for people based on their lifestyles. For instance, if someone likes to go out to eat a lot, the bot can find a property that is located by a bunch of restaurants.

5. Accounting Services


Accountants spend too much of their time asking people basic questions and guiding them through easy forms. Chatbots can free up their time so they can spend it on important tasks. Sage partnered up with bot development company to bring chatbot technology to accounting.

To begin with, chatbots can ask all of the basic questions, such as the person’s income and expenses. The chatbot will pass the information onto the accountant, and the accountant can use it to understand the client.

In addition, chatbots can guide people through forms, including tax forms. That way, accountants won’t have to spend all of their time explaining how to fill out forms.

Finally, bots can answer common questions related to their finances. Then, when people actually visit their accountants, they will be more informed and ready to tackle bigger issues.

Chatbots are changing the way that companies interact with their customers. These bots make it easier to work in high-pressure industries and improve the customer experience. From real estate to accounting services, chatbots are revolutionizing customer service.

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