Hawthorne: Honoring Both Authors and Advocates

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Minneapolis is a mix of cultures, economic diversity and artistic roots. Throughout the urban core, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a variety of foods, entertainment and work options. The cultural and ethnic makeup of the Hawthorne neighborhood provides an excellent example of how the city itself has shifted throughout the immigration waves.

Originally a predominantly European based neighborhood, these has been a shift in the population that has resulted in a large increase of minority groups, including African-Americans and Hispanics. As a result of this shift, the neighborhood has taken on a multicultural feel with stores and restaurants reflecting its diversity.


This neighborhood has also become a predominately family oriented neighborhood. The census has indicated that the neighborhood of Hawthorne has less senior residents, but has seen an increase in school age children and adolescents. Bound by the Mississippi River, this primarily residential neighborhood is filled with single family homes that reflect a variety of housing styles.


This neighborhood is located within the Near North community of this city and was named in honor of the American author Nathaniel Hawthorne, who wrote during the 19th century. His books were written around a Puritan bent, with many featuring moral allegories. One of his most famous works was the Scarlett Letter, which explored adultery and the punishments for the individuals in early New England history.

This artistic stamp has carried over into a number of active programs to encourage strong community involvement. The Hawthorne Area Community Council was established in the 1970s to serve the residents of this neighborhood. Using a board of directors with residents from throughout the neighborhood, they initiate a multitude of community events.

The oldest park in Minneapolis is also found in this neighborhood. Farview Park is home to the Hawthorne Gateway installation. This artistic piece was created by Norman Andersen and Katherine Schaefer. The piece is based upon a tower that used to stand on the park’s hill, but was eventually destroyed. The artistic installation is built with large columns of a copper color. Each of the column has a large copper animal depiction on top of it. This beautiful park also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, including space for sports and quiet relaxing areas. Enjoy a view of the river and the beauty of nature wrapped into this neighborhood.

There are also plenty of educational opportunities available within this neighborhood, including the public school system that provides the latest technology and opportunities for their students. One of the schools in the neighborhood, Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary School, was named after an American civil rights activist and union organizer who died in 2002. Johnson was also the first black elected official in Minneapolis. Her influence shaped the politics of the city for over 70 years.

Throughout the Hawthorne neighborhood, there are nods to the historical figures that contributed to the growth of America and the city of Minneapolis. However, it is also clear that this family-oriented neighborhood provides a community atmosphere for children to grow and thrive.

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