Historical District of Savannah: A Southern Touch

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For those who want to experience the flavor of the historical South, then Historical District of Savannah is one of the premier options. This neighborhood is known for capturing the past with its stately homes and magnificent squares. Yet this region remains vibrant because of the unique adaptations that have been made to bring the historical to the 21st century.

One of the first places to appreciate is River Street. It is here that you can enjoy an eclectic offering of both food, drink and entertainment. Walk through these buildings with the historical detail while enjoying treats such as homemade bear claws or pecan clusters from an old-fashioned candy store. Grab a burger and beer at a variety of bars dotting the river. Enjoy the nautical history of Savannah during various sailing events.

The beautiful squares of the largest historical landmark district in the U.S. boasts museums, forts, monuments and churches. Various walking tours are offered throughout the historical district, allowing visitors to sample the beautiful architectural examples, while learning about many of the former individuals and events that are intertwined in Savannah’s past. Festivals are held throughout the year in various part of the historical district and offer music as well as theater.

This thriving district has plenty of examples of restored homes, reflecting the character and charm of this city. However, there are still many homes for sale that can be restored for those who love a project. New townhomes have also been constructed in the residential areas of this neighborhood. These townhomes reflect the flavor of the older homes with modern touches, thus blending the old with the new.

This area also benefits from the large student population enrolled in the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Many of these students remain after graduation, making Savannah and its historical district a place to live and work for single educated individuals. The college also makes itself known through the various art projects and galleries it sponsors and hosts. These projects showcase the forward movement of design and artistic endeavors, while paying homage to the historical roots of this big city that still feels like a small town.

When it comes to food, southern cuisine is well represented. Enjoy gourmet restaurant offerings or grab a sidewalk seat at one of the many outdoor cafés. The way of life is slower paced, reflecting the deep Southern roots of the neighborhood. Even the squares invite passersby to sit for a spell.

The area also boasts a unique group of residents. Your neighbors could be anyone from a CEO to a resident artist, not to mention the professors and other service personnel that pepper the city.

Savannah itself boasts a diverse work population

This district is also host to literary points of interest, including the Mercer House that was featured in the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Films have also called Savannah Historical District home, such as Something to Talk About with Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid, as well as scenes throughout Forrest Gump. Clearly there is a variety of evidence showcasing the economic diversity to be found in Savannah.

The Historical District of Savannah is a beautiful mix of the past and the present, while embracing all the future has to offer.

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