Holographic technology in apartment search

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Digital technology has changed how rental properties are advertised and searched for, but the changes haven’t stopped happening. What’s possible in the future when searching for an apartment, and where could technology take us to help me finding an apartment a better and more efficient experience is an interesting question to think about. Technologies being developed in one area could potentially change searching for rentals. Something like a holographic display could mean a potential tenant is able to walk around the apartment within a hologram, people from out of the city, whether interstate or overseas, would be able to explore hologram imagery of the property without having to leave their current residence.


Hologram Michael Jackson onstage during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 18, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Holographic technology in real estate

Many technologies end up with unintended uses and consequences that their creators didn’t realize at the time. As mentioned above, holographic machines could be used for real estate despite not being designed for that function. For the owner/landlord, this could broaden the audience of people who view your apartment, for tenants it could allow them to view and explore potential rentals at their own comfort. A potential tenant could view the property, and if they have access to a holographic machine (Which isn’t as far away as it once was. Microsoft is soon to release its own holographic machine called HoloLens, and different devices are also available from a few companies on Kickstarter and Indiegogo) could view and review rooms or the whole place over and over again. It’s something that a lot of people who have searched for a rental have wanted to do, take another look at the property themselves or walk through the rooms with someone who wasn’t able to make the walk through.



For real estate agents, the ability to walk a potential tenant through an apartment without needing to physically take them there could be a big bonus. It can be hard to arrange appointments with busy people due to work or family commitments, giving more people the opportunity to view a property during hours that suit them. An agent would also be able to show a range of properties to the one tenant in an arranged time, allowing the potential tenant to pick and choose with more information what properties they want to go and view in person. Going from place to place, sometimes having to travel across a city back and forth can be a time consuming hassle for the agent and tenant. No doubt you’ve had the experience of having to be here, and then there, and despite it being with the same agent you find yourself having to speed between appointments or being late to view a property.


Viewings could be given to multiple people simultaneously without them needing to all be in the property at the same time. This is really helpful with smaller places that can’t fit too many people in at once. Being able to give a couple of potential tenants a personalized visit while saving time could make a difference to the experience of the potential tenant, help the tenant and agent to build a personal rapport, and give an individualized service without sacrificing other tenants. The more people that are able to look at a property, the better the chances of finding the right tenant, and the better the rapport you have with the tenant the more likely they are to be if they have an issues with rent or the property.


Concept holographic iPhone

Concept holographic iPhone


For me, when I’ve searched for a rental, some days have been spent driving around town, from here to there and back again then this way and that, being late for one appointment then too early for another, wasting time, petrol and money while being disappointed in a few different places. 2D images of a property can only tell a potential tenant so much, but 3D allows for a more immersive experience that takes up less time and effort. It allows the tenant to view a property from a range of angles before committing to visit the physical property. It’s quite frustrating to turn up to an apartment and find out that it’s not at all what you’re requirements are

The services available to renters at the moment can be said to have made searching for a property easier and more efficient, but it can also be said that the amount of choice makes it more difficult and less efficient. It comes down to how technology is used, and knowing how to find out what is best for you. There are sites that allow you to search via maps, social networks or by connecting to real estate inventories. A holographic experience for searching for a rental is something I think is more of a positive than a negative, and it’s something that is closer to a reality than is commonly thought.

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