Housing solutions for low income renters

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Renting on a low income is difficult. Landlords in general need to know you can pay your rent on time all the time, your choice of rental property is lessened, and you may need support in finding a rental place. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides help and assistance for low income renters. The website, found here, offers information on rental assistance, privately owned subsidized housing, public housing and on the housing choice voucher program.

Government Programs

Privately own subsidized housing can be searched for through the HUD.gov website. This website allows you to search for housing by state, city, county or zip code. There are different types of rental properties on the site. There is a limit on how much you can earn to be eligible for subsidized private rent, and it is for those below the threshold.

Public housing has agencies around the US. It’s not something a lot of people want to do, but if you have to move into public housing due to having a low income it’s something you have to do. The HUD.gov site has a link to your local public housing agency who can help you find a place. Public housing doesn’t have to be forever; you can use it as a way to get settled as you make changes to your life and work towards being in a better position financially.

The housing choice voucher program is a good help. The local public housing agency is in charge of this program. These are for families who have very low incomes and lack choice in safe and affordable rentals. The housing choice voucher program can get a family into a private rental property to settled themselves. To see if you qualify, visit this page here containing information on the services available.

Low income renters are often under financial pressure from more than just the cost of rent

Utility bills, car repairs, and other costs can pop up and cause your rent to be late or non-existent. There are a lot of payday loan services out there that seem to be the answer to your problems. They are not, in short. Never use a payday loan to pay your rent. I suggest speaking to your landlord and seeing if you can arrange anything. Not all landlords are harsh, and a lot understand. They may have had financial trouble previously and understand through experience, or if you have a good history of paying your rent they could give you leniency.

Payday loans used to cover rent end up with ridiculous interest rates put on top. If your income remains the same, you end up with more costs each week. Speaking to your landlord can help to avoid any extra costs that make your finances worse in the future. Remember that your landlord is a person too, and it may not be too much of a hassle for them to negotiate something to help you out. Don’t run out on the landlord, either.  It is often better for the landlord to compromise and keep you as a tenant than not know where you’ve gone and have to find a new one.

Further Information

Needhelppayingbill.com is a website with a lot of links to information on assistance for those with low income. It has links to sites to help with low-income housing assistance. Assistance for paying your bills, information on state and federal services, job training and education assistance, rent help for low-income rural families, for military and veterans and healthcare.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. No doubt you’re the sort of person who would help others when you’re able to. Think of it as karma, you’d help others, so it’s no worries to accept help for yourself.

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