How Copying a Line of Code Completely Changed My Life

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As a property manager, I am constantly dealing with vacancies (and filling them) along with all of my other tasks- maintenance issues, collecting rents, dealing with staff, accounting and so on. To put it lightly, I’m a very busy person. So for me, any little bit of extra time and energy I get to myself, I appreciate much more. With that said, I can say that using a Chatbot has undoubtedly helped me handle more than I could before, and my tenants all seem to enjoy the ‘smooth landing’ that the Chatbot seemed to employ.

Give it a try

I first stumbled upon the idea of a Chatbot on a real estate forum, and started doing some digging. I found a few companies that offered a Chatbot service, but I ultimately ended going with Apartment Ocean – because they had a feature none of the other providers offered, one I found to be particularly powerful.

Apartment Ocean’s Chatbot can actually be installed on your own website, without having to be connected to third party messengers (like Facebook Messenger) so my users can chat right away on the site.

Also, I’ll see a current Chatbot session and immediately have access to the name and interests of this particular user. If it’s someone I’d like to speak with directly, I can take over the chat. If I’m too busy, or see that it’s someone I particularly don’t want to talk to, I can let the Chatbot handle it and go about my business.

Chatbot does make a difference

One might think that little feature on your site won’t make a difference, but I can assure you that it does. It immediately asks your site viewers to interact with it, and as they do, the Chatbot gathers their information and gives them the info that they are looking for. It’s incredibly handy to have as not only a lead database builder, but an additional layer of customer service only found on the most high-end websites.

Another cool feature I found Apartment Ocean has, was that I can custom program the Chatbot greetings, and even some of the responses. I can speak to my users in my own language, without coming off too impersonal. Once I identify the person it is who is interacting with the Chatbot, I can take over (or not) depending on the situation. It’s by far the most effective tool I’ve found for gathering new clients information up-front. People seem to interact with a Chatbot more than they do with a long boring form.

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