Is it hard to find an apartment for rent in Midwest?

Many people say that finding an apartment for rent in New York City is one of the most stressful experiences in their life. Why is that? Because it’s so hard to find a good apartment, in good location, within the budget. But if you are in Midwest, you’re lucky. It is much easier here to get an apartment rental you want. Low population density means you can always find some apartments, but to make sure that you get the best deal in the city, you still should spend some time apartment hunting.

How to find good apartments in Midwest?

Find the best prices


The best way to see what’s available in your city is to go online and visit real-estate websites. Current online real-estate sites are like modern Yellow Pages (although, they are online right now too:-)). Property managers and landlords put almost all of their available listings on different sites. If you Google “apartments for rent in XXX city”, make sure you check different sites and compare prices before you contact property managers or agents.

Although every website tries its best to avoid apartment scams, there are still a lot of them out there, especially on Craigslist. So be careful!


Visit the apartment complex

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If you move within the same city and you can have a chance to visit the apartments you are interested in, do it. It is very beneficial to schedule an apartment tour before you actually make a renting decision. Most renters in Midwest have cars, so the amenities in the apartment are more important than the location. It will be better if you have time to visit three or more different apartments or houses before you rent.


There is enough supply


Midwest, compared to the rest of country, has a very low percentage of renters. For example, in New York City more than 60 percent of people rent, but in most Midwest cities, only around 30 percent of people will actually rent their homes. You will always be able to find and rent a home in Midwest because supply of apartments is greater than demand for it. Some apartments complexes can be occupied 100 percent at one point in time, but there are numerous others in the same city where you can find the same quality apartments.

If you can, plan your next move several months ahead, so you will have enough time to look around different apartments in the city. One more tip: landlords always want to fill their units, so if you want to rent an apartment in a complex which has multiple empty units, you have leverage to negotiate the monthly rent. Only in high occupancy complexes the landlord won’t be willing to negotiate the rent. Don’t expect they will give you a huge discount, but any discount is better than paying the full amount.

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