How to find a right roommate?

“My current roommate is moving out so how can I find a new one?” Finding a right roommate is extremely important, you want to find somebody you can trust and who will pay his share of rent on time. You have to remember that whoever you choose, you will have to live with that person for some period of time and you will see each other every single day. I know you want to find somebody as soon as possible just to help you with payment of the rent but spend some time in finding a person who you will get along with.

Here are a few tips which can help you find your next roommate.


Get enough inquires from different sources

The  process of finding a right roommate is the same as if you were a recruiter and had to find right employees for your company. To find a high quality employee, recruiter gathers a lot of resumes from different sources. It’s a numbers game, more applications means better chances to find a right roommate.


1. Ask your friends / current roommates to spread the word

Everybody knows somebody. You friends’ connections and their social media channels are the best places to find potential candidates to become your roommate. Use your friends as references to find candidates. Your friends have friends that have friends and within that big circle, chances are that someone will be looking to rent an apartment and looking for another roommate. In this way, you will know about the people who want to become your roommate and they will also have a background on you from their friends. It’s all about credibility.


2. Don’t list your apartment on Craigslist, if you don’t have to

Landlords love Craigslist. It is the biggest free marketing channel in the world, but Craigslist is an open platform so it has tons of scammers. You never know who is behind the email. If you post there, be careful.

3. Get help from your landlords

Your landlord constantly receives applications for his apartments so he will definitely be able to find a roommate for you. Just tell him your situation and they will do everything they can to find another person who will share the monthly rent with you. Remember, landlord only wants to get his rent every month. Neither you, neither your landlord will benefit if you cannot afford your rent and have to vacate the apartment.


Be open and transparent with candidates before they come to visit your apartment


1. Send real pictures

You’ve spread the information about empty room in your apartment and now you started to receive phone calls and messages from interested parties. Send real pictures of the apartment to them; don’t sell them on something which is not there.. You are not a real estate agent who just wants to trick them to visit your apartment. Every one of those candidates can be the person you will be living with every day. Respect them as if they were your roommates so show them the apartment how it actually is.

2. Don’t over price

Money is always a sensitive topic, nobody wants to pay more than a bare minimum. This is not an excuse to make your new roommate pay the majority of the rent. As I mentioned before, be honest and transparent with your roommate. If he agrees to pay 70% of the entire rent, then it’s fine (actually that’s great!) but if you are telling him you are splitting the rent 50-50 but in reality he will end up paying 70%, that’s not fine.

3. Show the exact move-in date

You also should tell people when they could move into your apartment. This is very important for them to make their decisions and plan accordingly.


Interview the potential roommate and ask permission from your landlord before you accept them


1. Talk to your potential roommates

There are no specific topics you have to talk about, just get a sense if the candidate is a good fit to be your roommate. Find out what’s his background, education level, where he works and what are his personal interests. Your purpose is to find someone you will share an apartment with, get as much information from him as you can when doing the apartment tour.

2. Negotiate the payment of utilities, cable, Internet, etc.

Tell them how you will split the payment of utilities and other costs. Always be transparent, especially when it comes to money and paying bills.

3. Your landlord has the final decision

Inform you landlord that you found a new roommate who will be added to the lease. Do that before you accept your new roommate. The apartment is not yours, so landlord has to give you a green light before your roommate moves in.

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