Install Apartment Ocean Chatbot on websites

best practice  /   /  By junjieshi recently updated their dashboard and now they use App store to manage different services and widgets. This is the tutorial to install our chatbot on websites.

Step 1: Log in to your Wix dashbard

Got to and click the “Sign In” on top right corner. Then you can log in to the Wix dashborad.

Step 2: Add App in Wix dashboard

Step 3: Search “html” in the App Market

Search “html” in the search bar and we will use the HTML iFrame/Embed app to install our chatbot, then click the Open Editor button.

Step 4: Copy & Paste install code

Click the gear icon and then select Code. Copy and Paste the install code from Apartment Ocean Dashboard.

Step 5: Tweak the size of chat widget

You can tweak the size of  the frame by dragging the blue border. 

Step 6: Find a place you like

The chat button can be placed at any place on webpage, just find a place you like.

Step 7: Click the Preview / Publish button on top right to see how Chatbot works

We’ve done all the steps and now it’s time to enjoy the chatbot.

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