Landlord needs your Social Security Number —Here is Why!

Landlord always asks for the Social Security Number

SSN is the most sensitive private information for most of the people. Nobody likes to give away their 9 digits number easily, but can we get a good apartment without telling landlord social security number?

For Rent Real Estate

For Rent Real Estate

The answer is yes, but very limited. There are some apartments in the city that you can get without telling landlord your social, especially for those individual owned apartments. For those apartments, sometimes you can even use cash to pay for the rent.

But if you really want to get any good apartments, it is very necessary to provide your social security number to landlords or property managers. SSN will be used to check your credit score and criminal background. Usually this is the first thing a property manager will do after they receive your rental application.

“Tenant screening is a process used primarily by residential landlords and property managers to evaluate prospective tenants. The purpose is to assess the likelihood the tenant will fulfill the terms of the lease or rental agreement and will also take great care of the rental property in question.” –wikipedia

They will run a soft credit score check to see if you have any ‘bad’ history. For some good apartments, property managers will even contact your previous landlords to ask them about you, then they will contact you back and let you know the decision in 24 hours to a week.

Right now more and more property managers encourage renters to submit the rental application online, which makes their life much easier. For example, if you submit a rental application on ClikHome, landlord will receive your application in a couple of minutes. And they will send you their decision within 72 hours to tell you if you can get that apartment. As a renter, you only pay the same application fee as you apply in property manager’s office.

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