LaSalle Park – An Integral Part of Old Frenchtown

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When it comes to the beauty of St. Louis, nothing captures the brick houses and French style as the three neighborhood district that includes Lafayette Square, Soulard and LaSalle Park. Yet LaSalle Park provides the most interesting tale because it was a case of revitalization through the determination of the city and its residents to keep this slice of architectural history.

This historical neighborhood was originally part of the Old Frenchtown area, before being formed as a new neighborhood through the efforts of the local company known as Ralston Purina. The area contains a mix of Victorian and Federalist architecture, along with plenty of examples of the French brick style. There are even two Civil War homes in the neighborhood. Yet thanks to urban renewal, there are also plenty of examples of new construction as well.

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This neighborhood also enjoys Federal Historic Status, due to having homes that are considered of nationwide architectural significance. This is not limited just to homes. LaSalle Park is also home to the Saint John Nepomuk Church. This location was the first Czech Catholic church in America. Its namesake is a saint of the actual Czech Republic. Another historical landmark is also religious in nature, the St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church. This location features Romanesque architecture and was originally designed by Meriwether Lewis Clark Sr. Today, it still serves its congregation, as well as being a source of assistance for the homeless of St. Louis.

For those who love the character of bed and breakfasts, St. Louis offers one right in the heart of LaSalle Park. Known as Dwell 912, it is within walking distance to the Cardinals Busch Stadium. It is also close to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, which conducts daily tours. For residents and visitors, the Gateway Arch is also within a short distance from the neighborhood. Residents can enjoy a variety of sporting options, including football and hockey. The community also has parks that encourage residents to spend time outside. There is also a smattering of commercial buildings and businesses throughout the district. St.

lasalle park

This vibrant neighborhood was actually cut off from the surrounding areas during the construction of two interstates. As a result, the area fell into a decline for a period of time. However, it was eventually declared a blighted area and applied for a federal grant to facilitate its revitalization. Those funds improved sidewalks, extensive landscaping and street lamps. Properties were sold to home owners and developers who were willing to restore the homes and businesses or were willing to build in-fill homes that matched the surrounding architecture.

The result is that the neighborhood has bounced back and continued to follow its urban plan. Today, this neighborhood is also a more diverse neighborhood, reflecting four different cultures, including African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American and those with a European background. For many who see St. Louis as starkly divided, this neighborhood shows that St. Louis also has started to become a melting pot, at least in one neighborhood.

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