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Throughout St. Louis, there is a sense of division throughout the various neighborhoods. This is a reflection of the struggles that the city has had dealing with race and the merging of various cultures. Yet within the city itself, there are examples of strong communities, where families and a strong commitment to their neighborhood is fostered. One such area is Lindenwood Park. This is a well maintained neighborhood, consisting of solid brick housing constructed throughout the 1930s through 1950s. Lindenwood Park neighborhood is primarily filled with single family homes and 83% of these homes are owner occupied.

The small sliver of rental stock reflects an affordable neighborhood, but with plenty of family friendly aspects. There are several parks throughout the neighborhood, which are a reflection of the family oriented aspects of the development that occurred during the 1920s and the following decades.

Lindenwood Park

The area was originally part of a much larger Spanish land grant given to Charles Gratiot during 1798. However, true development of this district did not occur until after the first World War, beginning in the late 1920s.

As part of the development of this neighborhood, there was the construction of a commercial district. Today, that area is located primarily along the streets of Watson and Hampton. Due to the neighborhood’s close proximity to the St. Louis Italian Hill, there was naturally some spill over in terms of Italian culture.

The biggest spillover was the number of Italian restaurants that made their home in the Lindenwood Park area. Trattoria Marcella, one of its most famous restaurants, has been voted the second best overall restaurant in St. Louis, due to its regional reputation and following. Visitors looking to get a taste of the true St. Louis can visit this restaurant and mingle with the residents who enjoy this delicious Italian food throughout the year.

Lindenwood Park

Dinner is never complete without dessert and Lindenwood Park does not disappoint on that score either. Residents can enjoy the famous Ted Drewes Frozen Custard throughout the year. However, there is a friendly competition about whose neighborhood it truly is located in, since the custard stand straddles a neighborhood border.

The main park is Lindenwood Park, which offers residents access to a soccer field, softball fields, tennis courts and walking trails. There are also playgrounds, skating rinks and of course, picnic areas and pavilions for larger gatherings. The park is lighted for those who want to enjoy the park in the evenings as well.

Throughout the neighborhood, it is event that the community takes pride in both their residences, but also in their streets and neighbors. They have maintained the housing stock very well, so these homes reflect their architectural history well. There is also a sense of history within the names of their streets. One is named after Chester A. Arthur, a vice-president who became president after the assassination of James A. Garfield. Another is names after General Winfield Scott Hancock, who served as a Union general throughout the Civil War.

For those in this St. Louis neighborhood, there is a sense of family and true pride in community.

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