Living with a dog in the city

In most people’s cases, pets are considered to be a major part of their lives. Whether it’s a dog, cat, squirrel or a parrot, pets bring joy to our everyday life. It is hard to describe the life with a pet to someone who never had a pet but I can tell you: it’s very rewarding. Growing up, I always had dogs, not just any breed, but only Rottweilers. Rottweilers are those dogs that are considered to be mean and aggressive but in reality they are sweet and couldn’t be more laid back. Everyone has their opinions, especially the ones who never had any pets, yet along Rottweilers but that’s a different story. So long story short, dogs are amazing.

I have heard from many people the struggle they have to go through by living with a pet in a small apartment in the city. No parks, apartment is very small, always walking on concrete, very noisy, people are against them and so on. Well, living with a dog in the city is not easy. First you have to make sure that the breed you have is suitable living in a small apartment and not needing to have an intense exercise every day.


Dog is a part of the family

Preparation is the key. Getting a dog is a 10-15 year commitment, you can’t go back. So you have to plan accordingly and do your research before actually getting one. Kids these days are very influenced by TV shows and movies where small dogs are just perceived as  accessories, so when they get those puppies they don’t realize they actually have to take care of them and treat them right. Cities like NYC or Chicago are not really dog friendly cities. Most buildings don’t allow dogs and other pets. If they do, they cannot exceed certain weight. Landlords just don’t like cleaning the apartment after tenant who had a dog moved out so that is the reason why landlords won’t even accept tenants with dogs or other pets.

I lived in the city when I had a Rottweiler and I can tell you that my dog and I loved it. Although it wasn’t NYC or city similar in size but I found the way to make my dog happy and enjoy his stay. We found parks, tracks, and fields where we could run and play. Where there’s will, there is a way.

Even NYC has many parks where you can go and play with your dogs, there are even parks solely built for dogs. During the weekend you can take your dog for a walk to Central Park or if you have a car, just go outside the city and enjoy the nature. You have to remember; once you get a dog your life will mostly be around the dog: walks, feeding, playing, and going to the vet. People get overwhelmed not just because they have a dog in the city; they get overwhelmed because they are not prepared to have a dog at all.

Once again, dogs are amazing and if you are prepared to have one, you should.

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If living with a dog is your plan, these are breeds that don’t require a lot of exercise and can easily adapt to city life:

  • French Bulldog
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Dachshund
  • Boston Terrier
  • Shih-Tzu
  • German Shepherd
  • Chihuahua

Before living with a dog, whether you live in the city or in suburbs, please research the breed and get acquainted with the dog. You can go to your local PetSmart store to get the answer on particular breeds.

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