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Los Angeles, California is a place where many people move to see if they can find fame and success or to get away from their small town and into a big city. Los Angeles is a big city that has a lot of different neighborhoods that range from the very high end and classy to dangerous and scary. It is a city where rentals don’t stay on the market long, where landlords need only put up a “For Rent” sign, post an ad and there’s a glut of responses and potential tenants clamoring for the apartment. There is no system with a list of properties to help potential tenants, as the market moves too quickly for any list to be too helpful.

Los Angeles has more people moving to the city than that move away, and there is an under-supply of rental properties. That being said, it shouldn’t take more than 30 days to find a rental as long as your expectations are realistic. Los Angeles is unlike other cities, and what is the average rental in your hometown will be a lot different to L.A. due to the fact, unless you come from somewhere like NYC, the rental prices in Los Angeles are high. If you’ve been looking for a month and found nothing, there’s a chance it’s because you’re expecting too much and need to lower your expectations.

If you’re new to Los Angeles from interstate or overseas, you need to realize that you won’t get everything you’re after in a property unless you have a fair bit of money. For your first rental, it is recommended that you get a short term rental, somewhere furnished with a month to month contract. Setting yourself up in Los Angeles in an apartment that may not be what you want could make a difference in allowing you time to find a long-term option. Anything less than a month, like coming to Los Angeles for a week or weekend is unlikely to result in a rental being found. A short term property that’s fully furnished would make settling in easier, and give you time to find a permanent rental that works for you.

Los Angeles is unlike other cities, where the internet will be the main place for research

True, there are many sites online for rental properties, but a lot of landlords know they don’t need to go to the effort of posting online as a “For Rent” sign out front will be more than needed. This means that you need to go back a few years and walk or drive around the neighborhood looking for “For Rent” signs. This can be a bit of a hassle, but it can also be useful as it can mean you view the property then and there, speak to the landlord straight, and don’t waste any time waiting for agents, going back and forth or turning up to appointments where the property wasn’t as advertised.

Moving to Los Angeles could mean that you must be prepared to put a deposit down straight away and move in as soon as you can. With the property market being so hot, there’s always another tenant who will be ready to move in then and there. Why would a landlord wait an extra two weeks when they can have someone in their property right then and there? Exactly, they’re not going to wait if they don’t have to. It’s rare that a tenant will take over 30 days to move in, and it’s near impossible to find a place if you have no money to put down up front.

Choosing the right neighborhood is important in Los Angeles. Some areas are safe while others are filled with crime. L.A. has a lot of high-end properties, but the city has a massive problem with inequality. The L.A. Times has a crime map of L.A., located here. For someone from a mid-size or smaller city, it may come as a shock the crime in L.A. and it would be very easy to end up in a bad neighborhood. Pollution is also an issue in Los Angeles, and again the L.A. Times has a map, located here, that tells you where and how much the pollution is.

Los Angeles is a big city with a range of different areas; it’s a society that has many other little societies living within it and has many cultures and people from over the U.S. and the world. The rental market is hot and follows the fast living attitude that is thought of about Los Angeles Properties come and go quickly in this market, and speed with good references and payment up front are important to gaining a foothold in this market.

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