Northwest District: Combining the Historical with Social Vibrant

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The Portland of the West Coast is a beautiful city that embraces big ideas in small packages. Home to a vibrant tiny home community, the city also embraces living a lifestyle based on being kinder to the environment. The outdoors also plays a large part in the vibrant culture of the city itself. One of the neighborhoods that reflects the combination of all the best parts of Portland is the Northwest District.

Within the Northwest District, there are historical homes melded with newer condominiums

Craftsman and Old Portland architecture are packed tightly with amazing apartment complexes. This is a densely residential area, but it also has drawn a significant amount of retail and entertainment options. Portland’s street car line ends here, but also provides a connection with the Pearl District and Downtown Portland. Most of this neighborhood is pedestrian friendly, providing spaces for walking but also public gathering spaces.

Northwest District

Northwest District

One of the main shopping districts is Trendy Third, which is located on West 23rd Street. The street is a major shopping district, providing upscale shopping along with a variety of local restaurants and cafes. This area is also known as Uptown and includes Nob Hill. Music Millennium, a local icon, had one of its three locations in the Northwest District until 2007. The independent music store is known for its in store performances of a variety of artists.

North 21st Street is the other commercial district, providing a variety of options in terms of restaurants and entertainment. These options include an independent movie theater, pubs and nightclubs. Residents can enjoy the variety available throughout the area. Both of these districts lure not only local residents, but also visitors who want to enjoy the pulse of this amazing city.

The Alphabet Historic District is also part of the area, named for its progressively alphabetical streets. The area is also full of historical residential homes, reflecting the history of this vibrant community. In 2000, this area was added to the list of National Register of Historical Places.

Northwest District

Northwest District

Outside of these areas are several different residential pockets, full of new and historical construction examples. This area also includes the district’s several parks. One is a forested area called Macleay Park, which also includes rolling green pastures. Another of the parks is the Couch Park, which includes more than one hundred trees representing dozens of tree variations. The park also offers an off-leash area for dogs, walking paths, playground and a basketball court. It has been noted as one of the best places to hike with your dog in the city’s limits.

The neighborhood is also home to a local hospital, several public schools and even a local college campus. As a result, residents can also enjoy the various educational opportunities available. The district also has some cultural novelty, as several characters within the Simpsons’ television show were named based on the alphabetic streets housed here. Throughout this beautiful neighborhood are multiple details reflecting the amazing history and rich culture of this vibrant community.

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