Putting up an ad for online rentals

When putting a rental property on the market, the options available to you are wide and varied. You can go through a real estate agent, put the property on the market yourself, advertise on different sites or services and have more people view your ad than was previously possible. There are many different sites to help you place an ad for online rentals and these can be used to widen your potential tenant pool.

Some sites are better for certain cities or states than others. When searching for a site to put your ad on, see what sites are best for your particular area. A city such as New York City has sites dedicated to finding an apartment in that city, while other sites are nationwide but popular in specific states. You don’t want to advertise on a site that no one in the area is using – That’s shooting yourself in the foot.

So, where can we put ads for online rentals?


like online rentalsFacebook has communities and groups where you can connect to others in your social circle, or who may be a friend of a friend, and this can help you to find a future tenant. Facebook groups allow you to speak to different people first, look over their public profile and get to know a little bit about them via their social media profile. For example, if you’re after someone who won’t be partying in the rental, then looking through someone’s photos can show you how much of a party animal they can be.

Within your listing, put as many photographs as you can, and be aware that many people looking for rentals are aware of tricks of photography. Anyone who’s searched for properties online before has been tricked by photography. Take a photo of a room from a certain angle, and the room looks a lot bigger than it actually is. Yeah, it might seem like a nice trick to get someone in to view the property, but once they’re in there they can see the size and condition of the rooms.

In your description of the online rentals, remember you are writing for an audience. If you’re after students, write the description for students, if you’re after a professional word yourself professionally. Use language to put across the type of tenant you’re after, and to show the type of landlord you are. If you’re not getting replies from tenants you’d accept the application from, go and read other descriptions of rental properties and attempt to copy the wording and format of those aimed at specific audiences.  A family looking for a rental is different to a male bachelor, who is on the search, and knowing who your property would suit and aiming your ad at them will give you a better chance of getting the type of tenant you want.


sites for online rental apartments

The sites and services online search through the properties listed in different categories. Filling in all the boxes, giving as much correct information as you can will help users find your rental amongst all the others. Some people who search want specific things in their property, and they want to be able to use the search function on the site to find their requirements. A site can give you as many options as they can, but it’s up to you to use them well so your property can be found. If you don’t complete the ad, or use misleading information you will have trouble finding the right tenant or the right tenant may have trouble finding you.

If you are on one site, and aren’t having much luck, remember that you can always use a different site, or multiple sites at once. Check your emails regularly, and make sure your contact details are correct. An incorrect cell number could mean any messages you receive may not be received at all. Reply promptly to any messages, as it’s likely that the potential tenant has applied for different properties. It’s a competition between landlords/agents to get people into their property, not just a competition between potential tenants to get online rentals.

You’re not just interviewing the tenant, but they’re also interviewing you. How you come across in your ad makes a difference. If a student is looking for online rentals, and you’re looking for a student, wording yourself like a professional may not help. A part of what gets a tenant is your image, and online this is the first thing people see. I’ve been searching for rental apartments, and haven’t applied for certain properties due to the wording of the ad. The landlord seemed to uptight, as if they’d cause me hassles or be unwilling to compromise should any issues arise. Or I’ve replied to an ad because the landlord wrote in a way that seemed targeted at my demographic despite the property not being exactly what I was after. The landlord seemed like a person I could get along with, which meant it didn’t matter that there wasn’t a built-in wardrobe because it felt as if I could trust the landlord.

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