Rethinking Your Rental Space

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For renters, it is an age old dilemma of how to turn a cookie cutter space into one that reflects your own personality and creativity. With most landlords placing limits on what colors can be painted on walls to how many pictures can be hung, it can be difficult to place your own unique stamp on a rental space. Still, rethinking your rental space is possible, thanks in large part to the many creative furniture pieces available today. While many can be purchased, others just require a little elbow grease to create distinctive details that will put your stamp into your home. So what are some of these creative furniture uses?

Rethinking bookselves

Bookshelves are just one example. Use storage cubes to build a bookshelf with different sized cubbies for your precious memories or pieces of art, as well as books. These pieces can be used to create room dividers, while still allowing for a more open feel than a wall that closed off a room.

Murphy beds

Murphy beds are also a great way to give yourself more room, while also providing additional storage. Many can be attached to a wall, but they can also be built into pieces of furniture. Thus, the bed can come down for sleeping and easily store away during the day. Some Murphy bed furniture can transform from a bed to a couch or seating area. The options are limited only by your imagination.

All these ideas provide one of a kind talking points without causing any permanent changes to the rental space itself, thus appealing to landlords as well. Another option is floating shelves, which can be used to display a variety of art pieces, books or framed photos. Changing them to suit your taste can easily be done without putting additional holes in the walls.

Paint personal furniture

Instead of painting the walls, paint your personal furniture instead. By changing the color of a bed frame or a table, you can provide a unique pop of color without having to worry about paying the repainting fee to your landlord.

Open storage

Open storage provides additional storage space, particularly in the kitchen, but also gives you a unique way to display your dishes or vintage wine bottles. Group like items together to provide organization and flair to standard spaces. Baskets, plus a few decorative touches, on open storage shelves can change an older kitchen into one with more modern flair.


Rugs are a simple, yet elegant, way to hide the carpet or flooring that you do not find appealing, but comes standard with your rental. These types of additions can create talking points, as well as letting you express your own personal flair.

At times, there will be colors or tiles that you just do not like. Instead of seeing the negative, find a work around that will assist those tiles to recede into the background. Using accent colors that you find appealing is just one way to draw visitors’ eyes to other architectural points within your home.

No matter how you express yourself, there are plenty of rethinking options to do so, while providing practical applications that will not alter the basic floor plan of your rental.

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