Rocky Ripple: The Natural Retreat of Indianapolis

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The capital of Indiana offers a small town feel with the amenities of a large urban center. Rocky Ripple, nestled northwest of Indianapolis’ city center, this quiet little district provides nature lovers a variety of activities close to the city. Originally, this was a small independent community was incorporated into Indianapolis in 1970 as an included town. This means it still retains much independence by means of a functioning town government. Isolated from Indianapolis, the town is accessible only by means of two bridges across the canal within the White River.

It is the close location to the river that has always made this little area ideal for nature lovers. Those who enjoy fishing and swimming can take advantage of the various spots along the river. Historically, this district was home to summer camps and those who enjoyed vacationing outside of the city. With the construction of the canal, flooding issues were resolved and more permanent residents began to move into the area.

In 1927, the town was incorporated because of concerns by the citizens about pollution of the White River from Indianapolis, along with worries about being annexed and taxed excessively. The town was able to give itself a political voice for almost 45 years before Indianapolis was able to annex the area. Still, the town continues to maintain its own independence, reflecting its small town aspects in relation to the larger urban core.

For those who live right in the heart of Indianapolis, however, this little town provides a peaceful getaway with just a short commute. The beautiful White River has been preserved for nature lovers of all ages, thanks to the efforts of the Rocky Ripple community. Trails and other scenic spots draw those who need to take a breath or pause from the fast pace of their urban lives.

Living in Rocky Ripple

Residents of this small town also enjoy the benefits of being close to shopping, restaurants and the other benefits of a large city. There are multiple sporting events and other entertainment venues just a short drive away. Educational opportunities are also close by, including campuses of Indiana University and Purdue. Families can also enroll their children in private schools or the public school system.

Rocky Ripple

This town provides a small town feel with many of the suburban touches in a quiet out of the way area. Tourists appreciate the cottages with rustic touches close to the river. The residences are primarily single family homes, reflecting the historically family appeal of this sliver of Indianapolis. Local businesses offer residents necessities without the need to travel more than a few minutes. Yet the population is not as diverse as some neighborhoods within the urban core. The town reflects its more European roots in terms of architecture and population.

However, if one wants the economical and entertainment options of the big city, but the ability to listen to the river gurgling along at night, then one does not need to look any further than Rocky Ripple. It truly is a gem nestled along the banks of the White River!

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