Save Money on Your Utility Bills with Smart HVAC Systems

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Did you know that you could save money on your utility bills by going green and choosing or upgrading to a smart HVAC system? It’s true: HVAC systems are cleaner and more energy efficient than ever before. Take a look at these technologies to determine which might fit your needs and your budget.


Internet-Connected Thermostat Controls

It seems everything is connected to the Internet—and your thermostat doesn’t have to be an exception. Having your thermostat controls connected via Wi-Fi allows you to take control of the heating and cooling of your home or commercial building no matter where you are. reports that one such user-friendly thermostat, the Nest, stores and recalls preferred temperature settings; monitors temperature and humidity levels via sensors; and can adjust the thermostat according to the regional climate just by entering your ZIP Code.


Furthermore, it allows you complete control of your heating and cooling using an app or logging on via the Internet. No longer do you have to worry about whether you’re heating or cooling an empty building. Instead, you can plan on changing the climate settings to be more energy-efficient while no one is in the building but can change the settings to accommodate comfort when the building is occupied.


Energy Star HVAC units

If your HVAC unit is more than ten years old and isn’t keeping your home a comfortable temperature, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you have an HVAC technician evaluate it. If the tech recommends replacing the system, the EPA suggests upgrading to an ENERGY STAR unit. You can save more than $115 a year by replacing your old equipment with ENERGY STAR HVAC units. By choosing ENERGY STAR heating and cooling units, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Be sure to have an HVAC professional install the equipment, as proper installation can also ensure optimal efficiency.

HVAC Zoning

Just as you wouldn’t use one light switch to activate the lights in your house, you shouldn’t have to use just one thermostat to control the temperature in your rooms. With HVAC zoning you have a separate thermostat to heat and cool each individual zone. The idea behind this is to provide a comfortable climate to areas that you use, while spending only a minimal amount of energy to maintain unoccupied rooms. HVAC zoning means lower monthly energy bills. If you add programmable thermostats with the zone system, Angie’s List states that you could save up to 30 percent on your energy bill. This is a considerable savings.


Future of HVAC Efficiency

So where do we go from here when it comes to HVAC efficiency? MIT just might have the answer: how about an HVAC system that follows you? This sounds like science fiction, but Clean Technica reports that MIT is working on a program called Cloud Cast that is an energy efficient air conditioning system that follows you to keep you cool. By following you rather than cooling the entire room, you can suddenly become as cool and comfortable as you would like without wasting unnecessary energy on the entire house.


This same team has created technology called Local Warming that has a tracking system that keeps people warm as they move from place to place within a house. Again, because the person is comfortable, there’s no need to heat up an entire room, let alone an entire house. Since you’d only be paying for your own personal climate and not the house, you can imagine the cost savings and the low amount of energy needed to keep people comfortable.


Currently, personalized climate control may be in the distant future, but by using the newest HVAC systems combined with zoning and smart Wi-Fi thermostats, you’ll be able to see savings in no time.

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