Seattle: Welcome to Queen Anne

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Seattle is home to several industries from planes to fishing. Yet within this diverse city there lies equally diverse neighborhoods. One such amazing neighborhood is Queen Anne. This district is northwest of downtown and sits upon the highest named hill in the city. The name of this area comes from the architecture of the earliest homes built here by its wealthy and elite. Although construction on this hill was originally restricted due to access, as roads were built, residences and businesses quickly followed.

Welcome to Queen Anne

Queen Anne itself is a neighborhood rich in the history of Seattle. It was here that the World’s Fair was held in 1962. The fairgrounds became the home of the Space Needle, Experience Music Project and other cultural landmarks, including the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. This fair really opened up the neighborhood, making it a trendy and exciting place to live. Additionally, this neighborhood is also the home of the first Pacific Northwest television broadcast back in 1948. Today, the area has three television towers due to the hill’s height.

Canals connecting this neighborhood with other areas of Seattle, including its valuable fishing trade, were built as early as 1917. At the same time, bridges were being constructed throughout the early 20th century to connect Queen Anne with its northern neighbors.

The area is home to over 29 landmarks. While these include 12 historical houses, this list also includes parts of the retaining walls that once surrounded the lower areas of the hill itself. The decorative brickwork is still visible, along with the early street lights that ran along the walls. Today, there are over 120 pedestrian stairways that dot this unique neighborhood, which is also home to seven of Seattle’s steepest streets.

Yet its historical significance is just one part of this beautiful district. A stretch of this neighborhood serves as the spine of the central business area. It also houses several schools, including the Seattle Pacific University. This private university was founded in 1891 and currently has roughly 4,000 undergraduate students. The Queen Anne branch of the Seattle Public Library is housed in a building constructed by Andrew Carnegie in 1914.

Queen Anne also offers food and entertainment options. The Civic Center offers theater, football field and an ice rink. Various teams have played in this area, including the Seattle SuperSonics. Restaurants offer a wide variety of selections for any palette. The Queen Anne population is primarily singles and couple with high incomes. It is clear this district has become one with the single life and all that downtown has to offer. The neighborhood’s green space is Kerry Park, which offers an outdoor play area with beautiful views of downtown and Mt. Rainier. Sit and play a board game, then find it for purchase at a local shop.

Food is also plentiful here. In addition to a variety of fresh fish options, there are local restaurants that provide flair with different cuisines. For example, find your favorites at the 5 Spot, where their down-home menu is always rotating.

Looking for a way to get the local perspective on Queen Anne? Then read their weekly paper, which started publication in 1919. Local blogs on the neighborhood are also available, giving residents the latest information on events, openings and issues related to the district.

Throughout its long history, Queen Anne has been a beacon of a progressive outlook, while maintaining a unique hold onto history.

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