Short North: Colorful and Vibrant within the Urban Core

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Short North is one of gems of Columbus, attracting both families, young professionals and students. The area includes the main strip of High Street, then extends to the south side of the Ohio University Campus. Within walking distance of the convention center, it provides an inviting atmosphere for visitors and residents.

During the weekends, it has become the destination for locals, particularly during various festivals and downtown events. The district includes art galleries, pubs, coffee houses, specialty shops and even nightclubs. The brick buildings are tightly packed, showcasing more traditional store fronts. There are also plenty of historical details mixed with modern touches in terms of residential buildings, such as apartment buildings, row houses, condo developments, as well as factory conversions. During the development of the area, the city installed 17 lighted metal archways as a nod to the arches of the early 1900s.

Short North

Short North

Short North has been primarily a haven for artists and a more eclectic atmosphere

However, the area struggled economically for several decades, resulting in a high crime area that suffered from decay. The 1980s saw a renewal of the Short North, starting with the art galleries. Overtime, these galleries began to open new exhibits on the first Saturday of every month. The loose coordination between these businesses evolved into the Gallery Hop, which is still held every first Saturday of the month. The businesses in the area keep their doors open late, and the sidewalks are filled with musicians and other performers. The event has remained popular with residents throughout the intervening years.

The Doo Dah Parade is another trademark of the Short North. The parade includes politically slanted paraders and floats, as well as unusual ones such as the “Marching Fidels”, which is a band of Fidel Castro lookalikes. Several other events are common, including HighBall Halloween and Masquerade on High. These events appeal to those involved in both fashion and the visual arts, along with offerings of food and drinks from around the city itself. The themes change on a yearly basis and the popularity has continued to grow.

Short North

Short North

Various buildings also reflect the artistic bent of the district with murals on their alley side walls. Some of these murals include Trains by Jeff and Gregory Ackers. Throughout the district, there are plenty of examples of businesses and offerings meant to draw the residents out of their homes. Social opportunities abound throughout the area. Coffee houses offer patio areas for residents to enjoy their coffee and people watch. Street performers are common at night, providing a new experience every weekend. Local residents love the historical details mixed with the modern conveniences found throughout the district.

For those who enjoy an active social life with a vibrant art scene, then Short North in Columbus is the perfect neighborhood to explore!

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