The Beauty of Chicago: The Gold Coast

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Many Chicagoans can list dozens of reasons that make their city unique and special. Neighborhoods reflect the diverse cultures present, from the Italian, Polish and Irish, as well as the Chinese and Hispanic. Chicago truly is a melting pot of cultures, but it also has several nature wonders as well.

Chicago’s Gold Coast Neighborhood

The Gold Coast district grew up out of the North Side of Downtown Chicago, after the Great Chicago Fire. The real estate here includes mansions, townhomes and apartment high rises. The region was designated a historical area in 1978. Parts of Streeterville and the Magnificent Mile are also considered part of the Gold Coast, even though these areas do not carry the historical designation. There are many historical architectural examples of Chicago throughout the years within this neighborhood. Architectural tours, including walking tours, give visitors the ability to explore the variety of time periods represented in this community. Some of Chicago’s oldest architecture is here, including the John Hancock Building and Charnley Persky House, which was designed by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Preserving these architectural treasures is the goal of the Gold Coast Neighbors. The organization, founded in 1957, lists neighborhood beautification as a top priority. Gold Coast Neighbors holds several annual events, including a block party called Evening on Astor. This party is free to neighbors and provides games, music and food. Their spring benefit is called Echos, which is a crucial fundraiser for them.

When it comes to Chicago, the Gold Coast neighborhood really showcases the various cultural flavors of the city. Restaurants for all palates are here, especially the famous deep dish pizza that all Chicagoans brag about. Enjoy a variety of upscale shopping options, including Urban Outfitters, Prada and Kate Spade, on the Magnificent Mile. The John Hancock building offers family entertainment, food and shopping, as well as the world famous observatory. This building is renowned for not only its 100 stories, but also its distinctive X-bracing. Known by visitors and residents alike, this building draws the eye within this famous skyline.

The neighborhood also reflects an artistic bent. Every year, the Gold Coast River North Art Fair is held to showcase fine art, music and of course, food. Theaters are also a part of the neighborhood, providing an eclectic and edgy touch.

Nature is also a huge part of the Gold Coast. With Lake Michigan lining its eastern side, Gold Coast residents enjoy the beautiful sunrises as well as beaches and jogging paths. Parks dot Lake Michigan throughout the Gold Coast. The Navy Pier, one of Chicago’s most famous attractions, combines food, shopping and beautiful natural scenery. Architectural boat tours take visitors along the Chicago River, showcasing the various architectural buildings throughout the city as well as the importance of the river to Chicago’s development.

Real estate within the Gold Coast is typically pricier, reflecting the wealthier demographic of residents. Overall, the region combines magnificent architecture, including some of the most famous skyscrapers in the world, with natural landscapes. This gives the neighborhood an amazing contrast between man-made beauty and picturesque views.

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