The New Leasing Office: Open 24 Hours

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The world continues its relentless march toward the online world and the rental housing industry is no exception. While apartment searching has migrated into the online forum, the leasing process has lagged behind. Taking applications or signing leases was limited to the leasing office hours, lacking flexibility for those who might have alternative schedules.

However, the wave has begun toward online applications and handling the leasing process online. Imagine for a moment that an application can be submitted from a smartphone or tablet at any time of the day or night. Suddenly, the capture period for potential renters is not limited to the office hours.

on-site is just one example of a company that provides both online applications and leasing options. By taking a complex’s current website, the company can link the program to accept not only the application, but the fee as well. Additionally, the background check can also be started online, providing instant decisions to potential renters. Set the background check criteria for your property and the program will qualify renters based on those parameters.

Link to your available rentals from your website, so applicants can reserve their apartment or home in real time. At the same time, potential renters can receive up to date pricing regardless of the time of day.

Suddenly, a leasing office is open 24 hours a day to current and potential renters

When it comes to leasing, applications are just the first piece of the puzzle. Secondly, a potential resident needs to complete their lease. By giving a potential renter the option to complete the lease online, the processing time for your agents is greatly reduced. Thus, they are available to answer questions about the property versus working through paperwork. Documents can be quickly generated and available for all parties within just a few minutes.

Different apps provide renters the ability to e-sign a lease or other paperwork, making gathering signatures much simpler. An example is when a student renter needs an out-of-state co-signer. By using the e-sign feature, the renter and their co-signer can provide signatures without the co-signer making the long trek to a leasing office.

Leasing agents can conduct the signing ceremony online, saving both time and money. Paperwork can be signed and authorized in a matter of minutes, without the need for a notary. Copies of the documents can also be stored online and made accessible to all the parties, so they can save their own copies of the completed documents.

rock lease

Another feature is the management dashboard, which is available with different programs. One called Rocket Lease, provides leasing agents with the ability to review applications and reject or accept them from a tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection. Renewals can also be easily handled using online software, saving tenants and leasing agents’ time.

This software demonstrates how easily rental housing management can move their leasing operations online, thus increasing their ability to capture potential renters any time of the day or night. These tools free up leasing agents to spend more time showing properties and providing quality customer service to all potential and current renters.

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