West End: A Suburban Touch of Alexandria

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Every city has its suburban flair and Alexandria is no exception. Nestled in Fairfax County, the West End neighborhood boasts beautiful winding roads and secluded cul-de-sacs. This highly residential area is known to locals as the Landmark, due in part to the close proximity of Landmark Mall and the variety of strip and shopping malls dotting the area.

One of the highlights of the area is Seminary Hill, which is filled with single family homes located near the Virginia Theological Seminary, as well as several other educational opportunities. Lower Alexandria, another section of this neighborhood, is home to the smaller homes, row houses and town homes, along with a variety of commercial real estate. Intermixed in this area is also some light industry before connecting with the Capital Beltway. Additionally, residents can take advantage of the Van Dorn Metro Station that provides easy access to the nation’s capital. Several large developments have been planned around this station throughout the 2010s.

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However, the neighborhood has also had its share of additional development, including Cameron Station. This is a planned community of Colonial-styled town homes, as well as condos that would be adjacent to the Landmark area of the neighborhood. Using the remains of a United States Army installation, the site was chosen for its close location to the Southern Railway. Over time, Cameron Station has grown and is currently surrounded by parks.

Other outdoor opportunities include the Winkler Botanical Reserve, which is a privately maintained community park, and the Dora Kelly Nature Park, which is geared toward residents who enjoy biking, hiking and strolling. This nature park includes the Buddy Ford Nature Center, which holds programs and exhibits year round.

One of these parks is the Ben Brenman park, which includes athletic fields, a picnic area, dog park and the West End’s Farmer’s Market. The Armistead L. Boothe Park contains sports facilities and picnic areas. All of these areas provide residents with a relaxing outdoor retreat throughout the year.

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The most popular area within West End is Landmark. As we have mentioned, this is the shopping destination within the city, although it has declined somewhat. A redevelopment plan has been adopted to address issues with the mall and surrounding areas. Residential options here are more urban, including hi-rise apartments and town home developments.

Throughout West End, you can easily see a variety of economic and cultural aspects that make up Alexandria. For example, Seminary West is a mix of town homes, single family residences, senior citizen living centers, hi-rise and garden apartments, as well as condos. There are also a mix of commercial and office spaces throughout the region.

With such a generous mix of residents and visitors, this neighborhood is filled with sense of community. Improvements continue to be made throughout the area to reflect the economic changes of the times. Still this mecca of still relatively affordable housing continues to draw residents who want to enjoy the urban comforts with a beautiful outdoor locations.

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