What students look for when renting an apartment?

Based on research, more than 65% of students will move to a new place to live next year and almost every single student rented an apartment at least once while in college. We all know that students are mostly renters, that hasn’t changed… but what’s changing is what students look for in rentals.Traditionally, when students looked for an apartment to rent they were only concerned with the price, number of bedrooms and distance to campus.

College students are one of the biggest renter groups in United States

“It’s a new game now”, says Nick, co-founder of ClikHome. “When I was in college, I only wanted to find a cheap apartment close to campus, nothing else.” He said. “What we are seeing now, amenities are everything”, as students prefer completely furnished apartments which have air conditioning, high-speed wifi, washer and dryer and fully equipped kitchen as well as amenities in the apartment complex (gym, pool, hot tub, basketball court…).




Amenities or Location?

“Location isn’t everything anymore” Nick said, as apartment complexes with extra amenities become more valuable to students even though they might be much further away from campus than empty apartments next to campus. “Every day starts in your apartment” he said. “They see their apartments as their homes now, not just temporary dorm rooms”

Based on survey done by ClikHome in Iowa City, apartments also have to have an easy way to get packages as most of the purchases students make are online purchases. Access to high speed internet is extremely important (of course) so the apartments have to either come with it or or the student has to be able to get it through some of the internet providers.

If you remember what were the most memorable memories in your college life, in most cases they will be associated with the apartment where you lived. Early mornings, late nights, parties, dates and always having fun….the most fascinating memories are about the stories happened in the apartments, not in the classrooms.

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