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It’s a new age, we understand that. Everything can be done remotely. But does it actually work? We learned to go to work at 9:00am and come back at 5:00pm. That was our working day. Dress professionally, have a cup of coffee and head to the office where our manager will tell us what we have to do for that day. Now, as companies try to cut costs, they allow and even encourage their employees to work from home. They will send emails saying what has to be done for the next day and give their employees all the freedom in the world to do it. Just don’t come to the office to do it.


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From employer’s perspective I can see the advantages from doing this; they don’t have to deal with people and pay for the office space. Actually, they only care that the job is done correctly, they don’t care how or where the job was done. If the quality is good, they will be pleased. That is the reason why many companies, especially high-tech companies let their employees to choose the place they want to work from. If the job doesn’t require employees to physically be in the office to do the work, they probably shouldn’t be there. This is the mentality of new generation; Millennials. Millennials are very individualistic, they like to have their freedom when working, not being told exactly what they need to do, they want to express themselves and show their creativity in work. This generation wants to know what is the end goal and they will find the way how to achieve it.

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This generation is different from baby boomers.  Baby boomers are used to following instructions on how to do the work and not wanting to have an input in decision making part. They want to be a part of a team, be close to their co-workers and go to the office every day. They have a completely different mindset from millennials. They would think working from home, is not working at all. But things are changing.

Work from home or in the office, which is more efficient?


To answer this question, I will use the research study done by the Stanford University researchers called “Does working from home work?”  Very short answer is: YES, it works. Not just that it works but I works much better than working in the office with your colleagues. Let’s take a look at few findings from the research:

  • The firm improved total factor productivity by between 20% to 30% and saved about $2,000 a year per employee WFH (working from home)
  • Low employee turnover
  • Higher feelings of work satisfaction
  • Employees worked 8.5% more hours and took fewer sick days
  • Time and financial savings from not having to commute


Overall, the research showed that employees and employer have benefited from letting employees work from home.

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