Your Apartment Ocean Account Dashboard

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When you log into your Apartment Ocean account, you’re taken to a home page where you can see how many chats you have and your most recent messages.

If you hover over the bar on the left, your dashboard menu opens. Click ‘My Account’ and the menu will open another menu where you can click ‘Profile‘. From here you can update your billing information (under the ‘Active Plan‘ heading at the bottom).

View Sales Leads

From the dashboard you can also see a list of the leads who have chatted with the bot on your site. Click the ‘Sales Leads’ option in the dashboard menu.

View Statistics

The next option in the dashboard will show you how many chats and messages have been exchanged through the chatbot.

View Your Install Code

The ‘Widget Install’ option in the menu shows you the code you need to install the chatbot widget on your site. You can also enter your main URL so that the code can’t be used on any other site.

Update your chatbot message so that it’s more personal using the box under ‘Greeting Message‘. You can be really creative here and change the name or what the greeting says to users.

View Pricing Plan

The last option in the dashboard menu is where you can view your pricing plan. You can view the different account options and choose the right one for you.

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